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a2s have no advertising and no promise that you would be the millionth visitor so you won already as good as an iPhone. Nothing will be pretended to you, there is neither a possibility to register nor will you be persuaded into a newsletter, no endless forms to fill out are given where at the end you always get error messages and it will not attempt to persuade you with flashing banner for the purchase of waste products. Consider whether you really want that. If not then you can now

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Otherwise, a small android will introduce you with his wife and their six children in the world of digital artists from Vienna. You can visit exceptional picture galleries, read fun stories, and escape from everyday life in the incredible vastness of the color spaces and pixels.

Kind greetings from Vienna

Ernst Kautz

At present, the following contents can be chosen:

Digital art from Vienna

First appearance of the androids

Base Station

Initial page of the androids: You are welcomed by the androids on the sincerely yours. The androids face himself shortly before and give a summary what content expects you on these altogether 24 sides of quite special web design.

History of Androids: The historical development of the performance of a human machine is described and the necessary interaction between man and machine as a prerequisite for the existence of this domain is expressed.

Friends of Androids: Here you find a listing of the most important persons, enterprises, applications and instruments without the one putting into action of these domain not would have been possible.

The android ones talk about themselves: The contrast between macrocosm and microcosm is expressed to hand of the android names. These were derived from the 8 chemical elements magnesium, silicon, hydrogen, helium, Carbon, nit roe, neon and Oxygen happening the most frequent which are involved in the life cycle by stars fundamentally. Everybody and every android has her and his own proverb, the different characters represent a good prerequisite for a perfect teamwork.

How to contact androids with opportunities: This side serves for the making contact with the androids. For each e-mail addresses are announced to requests different.

Art galleries

a2s Classics: These digital works of art have arisen in the nineties. As the name already says, it is here the origin of the techniques with those of a2s pictures are made. In the meantime quite a lot of this also as real wall pictures exists and everyone was almost revised repeatedly. The originals you will see in this art gallery.

The Point of Touch, Jelly, 3 Dimensions, Toro, Twins, Snake, Fountain, Entrance, Cube

Flower Power: With the art gallery Flower Power the first works come into being based on audio visualization are exhibited. Prerequisites for it are the right player, the correct plug-in and of course the suitable GPU and its RAM. Oh yes: and press the right button at the right moment!

Hippie Time, Drop of Paint, Wavy Colors, Emotional Release, Peace of Mind, Leap into View, Natural Grown, Blown Away, Lucky Streak

Pop Art: This continuation of automatically generated pictures then has landed at pop as a result of uncertainties at the distinction between pop and rock at the end anyway. Yes, but names are, although we think nothing else but sound and smoke, as is well known, this matches the digital works of art exposed here.

Blue Harmony, Rock the Boat, Philosophers Stone, Metamorphose, Affection, Fashion Fad, Flash of Insight, Amazement, Stricken the Note,

Cosmic impressions: After many hours of the observation of the behavior of the androids another a2s art gallery then finally has arisen from the infinite distances of the hyper-protocols. This time, people were hardly involved but flat anyway.

Nuclear Fusion, Sensible Heat, Neutron Star, Core of Andromeda, Some Big Bang, Future Shock, Metallic Connection, Burning Sea, Psyche of Alien


The story of a little android: Once upon a time..
..there was a little android.

Change: Who doesn't love the change, which doesn't love life also!

The Mountain: This is a story where 3 persons are on the way to search a suitable place for their far lives. The interested reader has the possibility at the end of making thoughts to himself how to estimate values. Remark: our androids hewed to be able to do this.

Fine art print

Technology: It describes what technologies can create real art prints from the digital works of art. Especially on the canvas cloth, the frame design and the resolution of the printing will be answered.

Colors: The difference between the colours of perceptible for us humans in the real world and those of mathematical models that stand behind the playback of screens is expressing described as well as the variety of ways to the colours. Especially the gradient used by the a2s are mapped and an animated image changes the colors accordingly.

Dimensions: It describes what formats for the design of the a2s art prints are possible and some samples are shown. An aspect ratio in the golden ratio, which can be implemented as a modern three part art print is recommended.

Signatures and unique works of art: Shows different ways to sign a picture. Specially autographed and artworks which only once were printed as unique, have a special value.

Prizes: The prices of the a2s depend first and foremost by the size of the Canvas wall paintings and lithography. Added the cost of shipping and the services for the creating of the image. Surcharges are created for hand signatures and unique items as well as higher quality in the choice of used materials.

Enquiries: Details of the opportunity to send a request to a2s. Thought for those interested, the thinking subscribe to acquire an art print.

Bonus for interested ones

Newest galleries

The truth of the dreams The newest a2s art gallery according to the motto: Don't call yourself poorly because your dreams haven't been fulfilled, really poorly are only the ones which never had dreamt. The androids wish you that your dreams will be fulfilled.

Origin of the life, End of the road, Egyptian Wickinger, The ring of the king, Cheerful vanity, Kiss, Pandoras Box, Secret love, By virtue of the frost pattern, Incisor, Married life, Unresolved danger, Radio link, The ring of the queen, Sparkle at the North Pole, Eye of Cleopatra

Optimistic Illusions The androids have heard that for the pessimist every flower is weeds while every weeds would be a flower for the optimist. Which one devotes himself to illusions with that, they couldn't find out. After that they have made this new art gallery.

Zest for life, Satisfaction, Wisdom, Guangzhou, Horizon at Mars, Silvester 2000, Laser in the fog, Mozart Jupiter-Sinfonie, Cave of the lion, Sun in Messier 87, Luck coin, The cubes have fallen, City on the Moon, Organization of the leisure time, Surprise, Nothing to loose

Sharpened stones: There was this art gallery in an earlier version sometimes. It was the first one where all html files standing behind were generated within all relevant links of the androids itself. The gallery is there now again, sharpened completely newly.

Drop on this one hot stone, The emergence tsunami, Curse from the box, Major part town life, Spiral fog, Throat of the dragon, Meaning of the television, Step in the right direction, Forgotten coin, Proton heap, Good sign, Step by step, Cloudburst, Hexagon in the wind, Long journey, Wish of the godmother

Old original version

The story of a little android

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