Digital Signatures

Preview of a digitally signed print from a2s in the font KunstlerschreibschDBol

Certainly you have noticed that our pictures on the Internet right below include a signature. Preview of a digitally signed print from a2s in the font Monotype CorsivaOf course the pictures could be printed in this way, but like in the sizes and colors you have many design possibilities here also. If a signature is wanted, it is usually small and adapted to the absolute size of the image. In terms of content, we distinguish between the brand androids2spirit and the name of the artist, with or without a date. The font can be freely selected, by default we use Monotype Corsiva, orbit-B BT and KunstlerschreibschDBol. Preview of a digitally signed print from a2s in the font Orbit-B BTIf desired also a dedication can be integrated entirely according to your wishes.

Hand made Signatures

Who don't want to pass on good old analog technology and places value on originality, can acquire a hand signed artwork also. The signing takes place in Vienna directly by the creator of the digital image with a special lacquer pen, possibly matching is selected depending on the situation. Also here are no limits the imagination if you want certain content.

Single Pieces

Unique works of art are always hand signature whereby we guarantee, that this order for the present art print only one time was running and that this image will not second time be printed onto techniques, which is marked accordingly in the Internet. We have predefined no individual pieces. Therefore, only a work which was never printed can be brought to the unique. It will depend on how we receive the first orders. We can't give off authoritative statements concerning the price development of such unique items, but a tip for those interested in: new images are marked by us.